Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Word Art

Sorry for the quality of these pictures.  I took them in a hurry with my iPhone.  Most of my blog pictures are taken with my iPhone. It is always handy and easier to upload than with my big camera that has a lot of pictures on the memory card.  I have found that my computer tends to download duplicates of a lot of pictures and I have to spend a lot of time deleting all the extras.  I do not need six copies of the same picture stored on my computer.

OK, enough techno babble.

I know Halloween is over but I have been wanting to make this one for a while.  It was so super easy and inexpensive to create.  My favorite type of projects.  :)

I did this one with the Cricut markers.  I don't use them very often but someone from the Old Cricut Community Facebook Page suggested it and I thought it was a great idea for a simple project like this one.  The cartridge works best with vinyl but that gets expensive sometimes.  I used the Fit to page feature on my Cricut Expression for this and it fit very well.  I did cut the card stock down first so it would fit in the 8x10 frame.  I think if I were to make more of these I would cut the card stock smaller so I could create a mat for the art.  Just to add another color/dimension to the project.

Parts and Pieces:
Word Collage Art Cricut Cartridge
Stampin' Up! Card stock - Pumpkin Pie
Cricut Markers
Orange Peel Stickles
Frame from Target

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