Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Canvas

This project was truly a labor of love.  I loved the look of it and I really wanted to make it but I took many, many wrong steps.  I saw this one on Facebook, Old Cricut Community page, and fell in love with the look.  I proceeded to go out and buy the materials and attempt to crate this beautiful project.  That should teach me to try out new techniques before working on the actual project.
The first type of crackle medium I bought was just not a good one.  I was determined though and went back to Michael's for a different type.  This one was much better!
Then I learned that for bigger cracks, make the topcoat nice and thick, do not skim on the paint.  As luck would have it, I liked the streaks from where the paint had thinned out so it wasn't a total disaster.  When working with crackle medium, you can't go over it again, you will lose the crackle effect.  Once it starts to dry, that is it, you are done. 
Then the biggest lesson of all: practice with vinyl and transfer tape before attempting to work with it on the main project.  It will save you many headaches later.  I ruined two 12x12 sheets of vinyl and one 12x12 sheet of transfer tape learning that lesson. 
I think the only part I did right was sizing the image.  I used my Gypsy to size it to 11x11.  I wanted to have some space at the sides and this way I knew the sizing would look good.
Once I got everything figured out and all lessons learned everything went much smoother.  I am making several of these as gifts and I plan on making some with the Christmas art for gifts as well.
Happy Scrapping!

Parts and Pieces:
12x12 Canvas - from Michael's
Cricut Vinyl - Brown
Cricut Transfer Tape
Word Collage Cricut Cartridge
Crackle Medium - Plaid Folk Art brand worked best for me
Acrylic paint - Mink Tan (Americana brand), Wicker White (Plaid Folk Art brand)

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