Friday, January 6, 2012


I like to give credit where credit is due and also let people know when I find a company that has great customer service. 

Recently I placed an order with Custom Crops for some stamps and Art Bin Cartridge Storage containers.  The containers arrived damaged so I called customer service and they sent me two new containers with no hassle, no problems whatsoever.  They shipped them out immediately and I have them in my hands within two days.  

I love these containers and can't wait to load them up with my carts and free up some much needed storage space in my scrappy area.

Each container holds 16 carts, books and overlays as well as a small area to hold some tools if needed.  I might see if I can fit a few of my Solutions carts in the supply storage area since there aren't any books for those. 
I really think I will use some of my carts more often because I will be able to see them and have them handy.

Happy Scrapping!

Scrapbook Pages completed in 2012: 8
Cards completed in 2012:  0
Craft Projects completed in 2012:  0

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