Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Goals, New Projects

Happy New Year!  I have spent the last few weeks enjoying Christmas Break with my kids and hubby and trying to get through the mad rush that always accompanies the Christmas Holidays.  The rush to finish shopping, get Christmas cards sent, packages in the mail, presents wrapped, cookies baked, and craft projects finished.
Whew!  As much as I love Christmas, I am always happy when January 1 rolls around and I can take down all the decorations and get things back to normal around here.  Well, as normal as they can be.
I did remember to take a picture of one of my favorite projects before I put it away.

I am becoming a huge fan of canvas.  I buy the value packs from Michael's and like them a lot.  I used an 8x10 canvas for this one and "borrowed" my hubby's staple gun (it is now part of my craft supplies and will not make it back into his toolbox) to attach the ribbons to the top and bottom.  I left the mini clothespins plain but I can always change that later if I feel like it.  I wanted to see how well they would hold up with the cards we hung from it.  It worked very well and I am thrilled to have a cute place to display the cards we receive from our friends and family.

Parts and Pieces:
8x10 canvas
Plaid Folk Art Paint - Red
Cricut Vinyl - White
Christmas Ribbon
Small clothespins
Cricut Christmas Solutions Cartridge

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